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Just Pinzani was one of the most important canvassers and master craftsmen from Florence. His shop in Via Gioberti No. 85 in Florence has been a point of reference and a place of aggregation for generations of enthusiasts for decades.

He was born in Pelago on November 19, 1897 and began to cultivate the passion of the bike from an early age. After the Great War he was born to learn the art of bicycle making and, to cultivate this passion, he became an apprentice in the workshop of a mechanic. After a couple of years of apprenticeship and having raised some money, he opened his own shop.

Pinzani has always had a soft spot for cycling. As early as the late 1920s, the Florentine cyclist Umberto Berni participated in the Tour de France as an "isolated", that is, without a team, with his Pinzani bike. This passion embraced the whole family from the 1930s until the 1960s, so much so that Pinzani sponsored the amateur sports and cycling club of the Oltrarno, of which he was also president for more than ten years.

Many young Florentine cyclists have competed for him or his bicycles. Among the best known is gastone Nencini, winner of a Giro d'Italia in 1957 and the Tour de France in 1960.

The Pinzani bikes are recognizable thanks to its brand "PINZANI" (with the Elongated P taking its cue from the most famous Pirelli brand) and for their typical classic celestial livery embellished with black flames bordered with red along the central tubes of the frame. Other colors may be gray (especially for racing bikes used by the guys of the racing team), green and orange (especially since the seventies).




Type Owner Year Freshman Card
Track SHAUN BARNES 1948 40077 0001
Race MARCO VICARELLI 1949 4224 0002
Race LUCIANO FORTUNA ROSSI 1963 7215 0004
Race ANDREA MARTINI 1966 7436 0005
Race MARIO CIONFOLI 1957 6051 0006
Race LUCIANO FORTUNA ROSSI 1965 7419 0007
Sports LUCIANO FORTUNA ROSSI 1958 6216 0008
Race ANDREA DOSIO 1970 7513 0009
Race LUCIANO FORTUNA ROSSI 1976 80372 0010
Race GARY HIGGITT, NEW FROM THE NEW 1961 6565 0011
Race PAUL FANI 1978 7849 0012
Race ALESSIO BRESCI 1980 0013
Race MARK CALAMAI 1960 6448 0014
Race ANDREA PRATESI 1957 6142 0015
Race INNOCENT LION 1933 1366 0016
Sports ALESSIO BRESCI 1962 6898 0018
Sports ALESSIO BRESCI 1965 7425 0019
Race VITO BONACCHI 1978 7858 0020
Race ROBERTO SANTONI 1979 7922 0021
Race ANDREA GIOVAGNINI 1949 4087 0022
Sports STEFANO BARTOLONI 1969 7578 0024

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