Our Association brought together many enthusiasts in a short time around a virtual table for the study of the historical heritage of the bicycle.
Your contribution is essential to support, develop and grow this initiative which we hope will be useful to everyone, in the hope that one day we can meet in person, riding our beloved bicycles!

A. Ordinary RSC member – (at a cost of 120 euros/year) only  for Italy;
B. RSC card-carrying – (at a cost of 24 euros/year) Only for Italy;
C. Supporting Member – (free contribution, minimum recommended of at least 12 euros/year).

The Supporting Member contributes in the pursuit of institutional purposes, thus having the possibility of taking advantage of the services offered on the association’s website (consultation of the catalogues of the most important brands of vintage cycles, period magazines, complete consultation of registers, etc. …) without having the obligation to participate in the life of the association. 

How to contribute? 

1. Make the payment in one of the following ways: PayPal / Bank transfer 


Bank Transfer (*)
IBAN: IT54C0760103000001022893398

(*) it is necessary to send an email with the scan of the receipt to the email

2. Once payment is made, you can register:   registration form

For more info:                 



NB. partial refunds will be made for donations or memberships canceled during the year.