Log History Cycles
Card: N ° 001
Brand: Margrita, New
Model: Ballonet Luxury
Chassis Number:  –
Year of production 1939
Owner: A. Castles
Model Features:
From: purchased by Giuseppe Pensa, Turin. Description and historical nods: Typical Piedmont-billed dance from the 1930s. From the accounts of the previous owner who bought it about thirty years ago in Trofarello, in the Turin hinterland, which dates back to Trofarello, made by a local craftsman. The name "Margrita" could be the surname of the craftsman or a fancy name. Features of the model: Massive matheque, with low-carriage diapason, external rigid braking system, with low rear brake, R handlebars with knobs and two-piece horn knobs, wide fenders, pad and aluminum ribs, 26×1 1/2 wheels with large diameter hubs branded Perry Birmingham, Made in England, circles with traces of red threads , full-center pedals with six Sheffield rubbers. Changes, integrations, substitutions and repairs: 26×1 1/2×2 Camel tyres; Replacement of fender rods; Bronzino; Lighthouse Bam; Dynamo Dansi; Giant handlebar; Leather saddle with hair padding; Fortunello.  
Restoration Features:
Conservative restoration performed by the owner.

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