How to Join – and why

Why should I join?

In a short time, our Association has already gathered around the same vitual table many aficionados, to study and reflect on the historic significance of bicycles.

Your contribution is crucial to uphold and develop this awesome initiative, which is in the common interest and will allow us to meet and ride our bikes together!

Also, by joining you will be given access to catalogoues of the most important classic bicycles brand, which have been collected in time and are now available to our members.

How to join

Becoming a member is very easy:
– Fill in the registration form so that the Association has all the info needed to give you access
– Pay the membership fees (see below).

The yearly fee is only 12,00 and can be paid as follows: PayPal or Bank Transfer
  • Bank Transfer (*)
    IBAN: IT54C0760103000001022893398


(*)Please send us an email attaching a scanned copy of the payment receipt of the payment, using the email below.

The membership fees and donations collected will contribute to the club’s common funds and will be used for events, purchase of research materials and / or for Members’ services, in accordance with the Club’s mission.

For furher info, please contact