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Card: N ° 001
Brand: M. Gea
Model: Sport Contropedale
Chassis Number:  – 
Year of production 1951
Owner: W. Modonesi
Model Features:
From: San Gillio (TO).
Sports bicycle, almost intact to us, in its shapes and colors typical of the post-war period It brings the brand back to all the components and under the box of the central movement appears pangraphed the signature of a valuable craftsman of the time: Mario Carrà, via Cigna 13 Turin.
Model features: Particular metallic champagne coloring, Visible conjunction frame and fork with stroke-type head and chrome terminals, Taurea steering series, lightweight 3/4 Practic with aluminum pad and embossed mark, wraparound fenders with narrow chrome ribs and duck-beaked terminal fins, double rods at the rear and singles at the front, chrome steel bar with expansion fastening with chinchillas type , hard rubber knobs, Aprilia bronze. B.A.M. steel front brake with a banded steel lever. M. Gea branded garnish with pierced pin, SIAMT-branded steel front hub on flangia and M. Gea on the body, Perry-branded counter-liner with oiler and 1950s molded bracket, both mounted on O.M.B sports rims. 11 51 36-ray chrome steel, Gea brass butterfly nuts, "Brooks" B17 branded leather saddle with anonymous tool bag, Gea-branded steel body pedals with 6 rubbers, Hutchinson semi-comfortable 650 x 35B black/para tires. Light group a few years younger, with lighthouse and dynamo brand Aprilia, headband lock rear wheel brand UB. Integrations, replacements and repairs: – Straightening frame and fork replacement; – Plastic rear catadiottro; Leather tool bag.
Restoration Features:
Conservative/integrative restoration performed by Davide Cioffo and the current owner

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