​About Us

The RSC association is a young organization that studies the historical cycling heritage, to identify the brand and models and the manufacturing dates of the vintage cycles.
The members of the RSC group, with the intention of spreading the culture of the bicycle of the time, have thought of offering the community of enthusiasts numerous services.

The registers are a collection of data – constantly updated – based on the coupling of the frame numbers and their dating of bikes produced in Italy since the early twentieth century.
Our work today allows all enthusiasts to obtain multiple information.
Among the information easily deducible from our registers, we highlight the possibility of deducing:
-the brand of your bicycle, with belonging to the register;
-the year of production, in relation to the simple chassis number;
-the model, through the study and comparison with the other specimens present;
-the annual quantity of bicycles produced by the manufacturers;
The registers contain numerous photo galleries, with a descriptive card of the model, of well-preserved specimens, to broaden the knowledge of vintage bikes and for the restoration of similar bikes.

There is talk of models, brands, stories and heroic cycling

A review of the most popular brands and models, sometimes accompanied by photos


A collection of vintage catalogues divided by freely available brand.
Within this collection, some catalogues are reserved exclusively for members, because, through the financial contribution of these, RSC has provided to purchase them.

A copy of sites that share catalogues and information on vintage bikes. If you like your site to be copied and hosted on our, please let us know, thanks!

An annual Bianchi bike event organized in collaboration with the La Francescana cycling race.

Groups connected to the RSC and followed by the same managers of the various registers on which to discuss topics of common interest and participate in the life of the association.