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Brand   Type Year Frame Owner Card
Airolg, New100145   R 1939 71255 D. Polotti See
Airolg, New100145   1940s 79448 G. Closed it See
Angor, New100   1940s 11631 Mark Ferrillo See
Annover, New1001   Sport 1964 MB36842 F. De Cicco  
Anzani   Race 1977 Fr. Anzani See
Aprilia   1930s 5991 D. Cigarini See
Aquilea   Sport 1952 B9152 A. Castles See
Bold   Sport  1937 26782 Peter R. See
Aries   Sport 1950 L. Bistaffa See
Astra    Sport 1930s  – Peter R. See
Atalanta    R 1926 9014 P. Downs See
Aurelia    Sport 1955 5528092 A. Castles See
Aurelia   Sport 1950s/60s L. Bistaffa See
Bedonni   Race 1940s 6520 B. Cimato  
Nice   1935 4985B A. Casale See
Bertocchi   Sport 1940 (?) 0252 M. Conti See
Joseph Bianchi   Sport 1940s  65702 Enzo, New10 See
Bonvicini   R 1950s W. Modonesi See
Woods   Sport 1940s 1003 A. Castles See
Braghero   1930s 1456 P. Nail See
Brambilla Bsa   Race 1949 4088 A. Morelli See
Capponi    Race 1980s  – G. Socks See
Carrà   Sport 1940s 3435 A. Castles See
Castles   1940s 2206 A. Castles See
Cattani    Race 1950s 1611 M. Ottola See
Horse   Sport 1930s 11488 A. Castles See
Cavina    Race 1955 F. Santandrea See
Cellerino   R 1930s 3027 A. Castles See
Chesini   Race 1983 A. Manfredini See
 Cyclosport   Sport  1940s  –  A. Castles  See
Cimatti   Race 1950s 50201 A&C Azzini Collection See
Cinelli    Race 1940s 6624 Trevisan  
Cinelli    Tandem 58-'60ca  – Molalf, New See
Cinelli    Race "1961" 2739 G. Coldwater See
Coppi Fiorelli    Race 1954 2215 M. Guerini See
Cusio    R 1930s 4844 G. Paravati See
Arrow    Race 1986  – L. Mingozzi See
Fifty-year-old daccordi   Race 1986 623 R. Bulfon See
Goddess    R 1930s  – Peter R. See
Dolphin    Race 1935  – A. Galeasso See
Said Peter   Race 1984  – R. Di Franco See
Diana   Race 1950 076 R. Bulfon See
Dogliani   Sport 1940s A. Castles See
Dolza, New1   Sport 1930s 331 E. Calcagno See
Doniselli people   Race 1950 18804 A. Morani See
Dora   Sport 1940s V7296 L. Bistaffa See
Duomo   R 1930s 50052 F. Pellecchia See
Hugh Durkopp   1930s  –  A. Galeasso See
Engal, New   Sport 1948  – A. Castles See
Ecuador   Sport 1930s 56648 Peter R. See
Exposed   Sport 1940s 7876 B. Fugitive See
Fb   Race 1925 502 A&C Azzini Collection See
Fiat   Lr 1911 14871 A&C Azzini Collection See
Fna   Sport 1945 1265 G. Florio See
Sheets and Deer    Sport 1950s  –  Simon Barzon See
Fuchs   Sport 1940s 17577 M. Ottola See 
Galibier   Sport 1950s L. Martini See
Galibier   Sport 1959 1343P859 W. Modonesi See
Galmozzi, New1   Track 1950s  – Molalf, New See
Garelli   Sport 1950s 12502 G. Florio See
Garelli   Sport 1953 154 A. Castles See
Gastaldi   R 1940s 6819 A. Castles See
Gea   Sport 1951  – W. Modonesi See
Giannini   R 1950 L. Martini See
Javardi   Race 1940s  – M. Ottola See
Turns    R  1946 9198  A. Castles  See 
Giuntelli   Sport 1946-47 S.ra Massano See
Giuntelli   Race 1947 Massano-Trinchero Family See
Giuntelli   Sport 1948-49 1467 Giuntelli family See
Giuntelli   Sport 1951 A. Castles See
Giuntelli   Sport 1950-51 2034 Mr. Mantione See
Giuntelli   R 1951-52 A. Castles See
Giuntelli   Race 1957-58 Giuntelli family See
Giuntelli   R late 1950s A. R. M. Giuntelli See
Giuntelli   Sport early 1960s Giuntelli family See
Gregoris, New10   Sport 1950s 215 F. Montolli See
Gremo   Sport 1942 16 F. from the Farm See
Hellas   R 1929 211 L. Martini See
Hermenson, New10   R 1936 53158 A. Merlo See
Ideor, New York   Race 1950s 22 M. Ottola See
Iraq   R 1930s 5727 A. Castles See
The Nice   Sport 1942 08115 A. Castles See
Lion   Sport 1950s A. Castles See
Luxor    R 1940s 1967 LC A. Castles See
Luxor   R 1940s 5417 LJ G. Jordan See
Manzino    R 1939 18839  N. Derada See
Margrita, New   R 1939 A. Castles See
Marnati, New1   Race late '60s  – R. Di Franco See
Marzano   Race 1978 0282 R. Di Franco See
Massiglia, New   1928 467 John Bank See
Melani   Sport 1940  – Agron Gjini See
Mercedes   R 1930s 9337 Angiolino Bici  
Milene, New    R 1936  – P. Downs See
Molinari   Race 1931 31360 G. Baratono See
Molinari   Sport 1948 2109 G. Baratono See
Molinari   Sport 1940s 346571 W. Modonesi See
Monarch   R 1931 52678 F. Marazia See
World   R 1920s 516 O. Scialpi See
Montanera, New   R 1930s 3412 W. Modonesi See
Nicoletti   R 1922 A. Nicoletti See
Nicoletti   1932 4483 Peter R. See
Null   Race 1936 515 M. Morelli See
Elm   Sport 1940s 3206 D. Porro See
Elm   Race 1982 5826 R. Benelli See
Elm   Race 1982 /// L. Borini See
Elm   Race 1985 56 K187 L. Borini See
Olympia   Sport 1939 5584 P. Rimondini See
Olympia     1946 21426 In De Stefano See
Olympia   R 1948 3497 P. Rimondini See
Olympia    R 1960s 4712 G. Bartolozzi See
Orio al serio   R 1930s  – M. Ottola See
Pope   1950s  – D. Viggiano See
Pope   Sport 1950s  – A. Galeasso See
Pope   R 1950s 38221 A. Castles See
Paravidino   Race 1936  – A. Morani See
Perry   1930s  – M. Polese See
Peter   Race 1981 81M1551 L.Batacchioni See
Peugeot   Race 1975 1505322 Viviana Mazzali See
Piedmont   R 1940s 6057 A. Castles See
Piedmont   Sport 1950s 7305 Sabino Bianchi See
Pogliaghi, New   Race 1957 6625 M. Ottola See
Pogliaghi, New   Track 65-'66ca 7600 Molalf, New See
F.lli Port   Sport 1950s  – W. Modonesi See
Pricca, New   R 1928 18588 Peter R. See
Rogledi People   Race 1927  – John A See
Robur   R 1954 14F986 M. Mairino See
Sabratha   R 1938 10051 A. Castles See
Sa   Race 1982 224923 A. Manfredini See
Sedazzari   Sport 1940s L. Martini See
Senior   1923 7123 John A See
Serena   Race 1960s C. Pogliaghi See
Stelvio   1930s 2680 Alex S. See
Stelvio   1930s 3769 A. Galeasso See
Stelvio   –  1940 4911 E. Zappalà  
Pound   Race 1931 2391 R. Splendorini See
Pound   –  1940s 9723 G. Scalenghe  
Superb   1940s 128609 L. Cerullo See
Superb   1940s 129175 M. Corsellini See
Tirrena   R 1927 211 L. Bistaffa See
Torpado   1935 18882 Cremonesi See
Torpado    – 1936 05451 E. Zappalà  
Torpado   1948 TV30200 Martina Ferrillo See
Torpado   –  1955 C46077 G. Scalenghe  
Torpado   Track 1958 95038 Luke Brighela See
Triumph   R 1920s 64304 F. Montolli See
Triumph   R 1920s 73768 Fr. Ferri See
Vecchietti   Sport 1947  – A. Castles See
Fastatta   Removable  1941  – Decaltaurus, New See
Velox   R 1930s L. Bistaffa See
Veltro   R 1930s L. Martini See
Vianzone, New   Sport 1939  – G. Florio See
Villa   Sport 1948  – John Bank See
Victory   R 1935 72516 A. Castles See
Volterra   Sport 1940s 00957 Andrea Sanero See
Wander   Sport 1940s 26300 AR P. Downs See
Wirman, New1005:   1930s  – Poetryinspanish See
Wirman, New1005:   1940s 2648 A. Galeasso -ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-See
Zaninetti, New1   Sport 1949  – A. Castles See
Zaninetti, New1   Transportation 1940s  – Agron Gjini See
Zappata, New   Race 1930s 29343 Agron Gjini See
Zenit   1930s 10530 A. Galeasso  See
Zetux, New   1930s 12458 Luigi Bagni See

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