R.S.C. -historical Log Cycles

Card No.3354

Brand: Kevin Smith
Model: Superlight Special 
Year of Production: 1981
Chassis Number: 1.81 083
Owner: Renato Bulfon
Restoration Features: Preserved

Bar: TTT pangraphed Bianchi Almarc coverage

Saddle canoe: Campagnolo Record panographed Bianchi 

Brakes: Campagnolo Record downloaded

Brake Levers: Campaign Record iridescent

Rear derailer: Campagnolo Super Record 2 Jan.

Front derailer: Campagnolo Record 

Garnish: Campagnolo Super Record pangraphed Bianchi

Circles: Mavic GP4 for tubular

Pedals: Campagnolo Super Record  

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