This register was born because some series (eg Rekord, Sprint, World Champion and Campione d’Italia) in this period had a particular numbering, different from that used for the high-end contemporary models shown in the Corsa Register. Over the years, the numbering of the frames has changed several times, in the Register these changes are reported with a “Reset”.

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The bicycles highlighted in Celeste  have been recognized by our Association as means of historical relevance, have also been included in a special Register and have received a Certificate of Historicity


Model year Frame n. Owner Card
  1970 0A
Sport Donna 1971 1L93359 R. Pedini  
Rekord 71 1971 1G2240 G. Bettini Vedi
Rekord 71 1971 1G22730 G. Mastromanno Vedi
Rekord 1973 3F47861 S.Carobbio Vedi
Rekord 1973 3G52365 F. Guzzetti Vedi
Rekord Special 1973 3M87652 M. Asciutti Vedi
Rekord 74 1974 4D33635 D. Pivetti Vedi
Rekord 74 1974 4F4239 O. Oprandi Vedi
Rekord 74 1974 4F47719 F. Masina Vedi
Rekord 74 1974 4G52117 M. Tonelli Vedi
CdM 1974 4L61070 S. Bozzi Vedi
Rekord 74 1974 4T61872 G. Coviello Vedi
Rekord 74 1975 5C04076 D. Morelli Vedi
CdM CX 1976 6B02161 A. Verdelli Vedi
Sprint 1976 6E13609 A. Rubini Vedi
Rekord 745 1976 6M3xxxx Internet
CdM CX 1977 7D09934 G. Scaglia Vedi
Rekord 745 1977 7E16454 M. Zanella Vedi
Rekord 745 1977 7F15524 C. Liu Vedi
Rekord 745 1977 7F Internet
Condorino 1977 7F1169 P. Marino
Rekord 748 1977 7L28048 F. Pastacaldi Vedi
Rekord 748 1978 8A00153 A. Moretti Vedi
Rekord 748 1978 8A02001 P. Morale Vedi
Rekord 748 1978 8D06837 S. Maiorana Vedi
Rekord 748 1978 8F17187 A. Pasquali Vedi
Rekord 748 1978 8N26910 R. Manea Vedi
Sprint 1979 9T14353 A. Grignani Vedi
Sprint 1980 0d13409 S. Moneta Vedi
Rekord 748 1981 1C02943 S. Sammarchi Vedi
Sprint 1981 1C03681 F. Maiorca Vedi
Rekord 748 1981 1D06324 I. Nield Vedi
Rekord 748 1981 1F11656 S. Bonacina Vedi
Tipo Corsa 1981 Internet Vedi
Tipo Corsa 1982 Internet
Rekord 848 1982 2D122x Internet
Rekord 842 1982 2D15xxx Internet Vedi
Campione d’Italia 1982 2.A Internet
Campione del Mondo 12v 1982 2.A Internet
Rekord 841 1982 266935 D. Borgia Vedi
1983 300xxx
1984 461xxx
1984 484284 Internet
Rekord 845 Shimano 105 1985 5G30713 Internet
1985 588xxx Internet
Brava 1986 691237 Internet
Rekord 845 1986 6.B 290 Internet
Rekord 838 1987 75848x Internet
Brava 1988 867601 Internet


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