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RSC Certificate: Number 194
Card: Number 334
Brand: Edward Bianchi
Model: World Champion Racing Department
Chassis Number: 99916x
Year of production 1957-8
Owner: Private collection
Model Features:
Coppi graduated as World Road Champion and again the new Bianchi bikes acquire a celebratory name. Racing Department bikes such as the model on the board also show the same characteristics as road models, with obvious improvements. In particular, the frame of this specimen has conjunctions worked and lightened by the master canvassers of the RC.
Handlebar support : Ambrosio Champion Custom Bianchi Fold handlebars : Ambrosio Champion Handlebars Ribbon : cotton spied Caps: Gaslo for Bianchi Saddle: Brooks leather Canotto saddle: Iron field 25mm brakes: Universal Brev. 453949 with quick release Leve brake: Universal with original shocks Universal Rear derailment: Campagnolo Gran Sport Front derailment: Campagnolo Gran Sport Manettini gearbox: Campagnolo Gran Sport Cable bands: Universal 440 Seal: Iron Whites with Iron with Aluminium crown RC Circles: 32-40 tubular holes Mozzi: Campagnolo with domed flangia marked White Rays: Iron star reinforced by 1.8-1.5-1.8 Pack freewheeling pins and chain : Regina Gran Sport 5 Speed Fast Forwards: Campagnolo Gran Sport Straight Leverage Pedals: Campangolo
Restoration Features:

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