The Registers

Each register has one or more managers who can be contacted with the email address indicated in the reference register. The email addresses of the various registers  are reserved for the registration of bikes and information for members.

 For general information, to have a faster means by which to communicate and to share information useful to a common factor, special thematic groups  on this page.

  Amerio                  Members Only
  Atala-Lygie-Rizzato-Ceriz-Radius-Iris-Imperial            Members Only
Bartali   (Pagina da revisionare)
Benotto                         Members Only
  Edoardo Bianchi
  Emilio Bozzi (Legnano – Wolsit -Perla)      
Umberto Dei  – Umberto Dei bis             Members Only
 Frera                            Members Only



  Masi                         Members Only
Ciclo Piave – Stella Veneta (F.lli Michelin)
  Prina                                         Members Only
  Taurus                                     Members Only
  Wilier Triestina
  Biciclette Militari
For local brands and all brands that do not yet have a specific page:

                   , ecc. ecc…

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The year of production is indicated among the data in the registers. Generally, it depends a lot on the manufacturers, the dating can be found punched in the frames or in those parts that make up the bicycle, all other dates are the result of data interpretation, and are defined as “relative”.

The dates entered in the registers are to be understood as production and not sales !! It is to be considered normal that there are inconsistencies with specific catalog models or with any guarantee or sales certificates. Our interpretations in particular situations may present small errors, if you have any doubts or questions about it, contact us.

For general information, consult the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

All information and images published in the various registers cannot be copied or used without our written authorization. Violation of copyright law results in offenses punishable by law. ©