Log Wooden Race

  • Edited by: Alessandro 

In the "Reset" register, find the numbering change of the frames.

In the register "19xx" he identifies new features in the production of the frames.

In the "19xx" log, he identifies the team's greatest successes in racing that have influenced production.

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Model Year Frame Owner Card
53 1921 11xxx Internet
54 1921 27282 Gabriel Bocchi See
53_Wolsit 1924 75475 Matthew Iudicone
54_Wolsit 1925 96218 Matthew Iudicone See
1926 Introduction coloring "blue" Legnano (until 36) and new stringisella 
1926 Axxxx, New
54_Wolsit 1926 B1666 Andrea Vincenzi See
53_Wolsit 1926 E2904 Internet
1927 World Championship at Nurburgring, A.Binda
1930 World Championship in Liège, A.Binda
54_tipo A 1932 O3894 Alexander Martinelli See
54_tipo A 1932 Q5278 Internet
1932 World Championship in Rome, A.Binda
1933 Introduction Mod. Rome
54 1934 Z4767 Internet
Rome 1934 Z8425 Alexander Martinelli
54 1935 4394C Matthew Iudicone
Rome 1935 5484F Matthew Iudicone
Rome 1935 5958F Coll. Bulfon, New100s See
Rome 1935 6957F Matthew Iudicone
1937 Introducing coloring "Transparent Green" Wooden
54_Wolsit 1937 8479N Luke Pit
1937/38 xxxxZ function
1938 Tour de france, Gino Bartali 
1938 Axxxx, New
Rome 1938 C2630 Sergio Tamagnini
Rome 1940 O2632 Alexander Martinelli
Rome 1940 P984 Alexander Martinelli See
Rome 1941 R7302 Poetryinspanish
Rome 1941 X1004 Coll. Bulfon, New100s See
1941 Zxxxx, Alabama
1941 AAxxxx, New
Rome – CdM 1941 AC8427 Internet
Rome – CdM 1945 BF8446 Internet
Rome – CdM 1946 BI1340 Internet
Rome – CdM 1946 BI5778 Internet
Rome – CdM 1946 BI5911 Internet
Rome – CdM 1946 BI5922 Internet
54 1946 BI7896 Internet
Rome – CdM 1946 BN6430 Internet
Rome – CdM 1946 BO1361 Internet
Rome – CdM 1946 BO3385 Coll. Bulfon, New100s
Rome – CdM 1946 BO4312 Alexander Martinelli See
54 1947 BQ6706 Internet
54 1947 BR9952 Internet
Rome 1947 BT9036 Matthew Iudicone See
Rome 1947 BU1601 Internet
Rome 1947 BV1803 Internet
Rome 1947 BZ2035 Internet
Rome 1947 BZ3045 Internet
Rome – CdM 1947 BZ3076 Internet
  1948 Tour de France, Gino Bartali
Rome 1948 BZ6643 Francesco Bergonzoni See
Rome 1948 BZ9359 Internet
Rome 1948 CA480, New Alexander Martinelli See
Rome 1948 CA3915 Sergio Tamagnini
Rome 1948 CB161 Internet
Rome 1948 CB3392 Internet
Rome 1948 CB2675 Internet
Rome 1948 CC8982 Internet
Rome 1949 CE4298 Internet
Rome 1949 CF4005 Internet
Rome 1950 CF7412 Internet
Rome 1950 CG2121 Flavio See
Rome 1950 CG5082 Alexander Martinelli See
Rome 1950 CM7383 Internet
Rome 1950 CN1577 Internet
Rome 1951 CO5457 Internet
Rome 1951 CO7577 Internet
Rome 1951 CQ7597 Internet
Rome 1951 CS09773 Internet
Rome 1951 CT4621 Internet
Rome – Simplex 1951 CU683 Internet
Rome 1951 CU9199 Internet
Rome 1951 CV9689 GloriaMania, New1014
Rome 1953 DC7273 Internet
Rome – Simplex 1953 DE2378 Internet
Rome 1953 DH4575 Internet
Rome 1954 DI2325 Internet
Rome 1954 DO3852 Mauro, New10
Rome 1954 DO9965 Coll. Bulfon, New100s See
Rome 1955 DP9022 Neil Gennari, Jr. See
Rome 1957 DY888 Alexander Martinelli See
Rome 1957 DZ5004 Mark Montolli See
1957/58 Introduction Mod. Rome Olympiad and mod. Grand Prix that replaces the Mod. 54
1958 Reims World Championship, Hercules Baldini
Rome Olympics 1958 EC5462 KingFoggi, New
Rome 1958 ED9150 Lorenzo Monti See
Grand Prix 1960 EP849 Lorenzo Monti See
Rome Olympics 1960 EU4286 Andrea Mazzoleni See
Grand Prix 1960 EY1864 Coll. Bulfon, New100s See
Rome-Pista 1961 EX2224, 2224 Bill Price, New York See
Rome Olympics 1962 FC7951 Joseph Scaglia See
Rome RC 1963 6313 Coll. Bulfon, New100s See
Rome Olympics 1964 FL3706 Stefano Montesello See
Reset Since 1967 the last change in the numbering of the frames
Legnano 1973 Edward Grossi
Legnano 1973 David Turrini See
1988 Renaix/Ronsse World Championship, M. Fondriest