17 May 2020


It is not easy to find a vintage bicycle in perfect condition, often the time and use have caused damage to the painting, unpleasant from an […]
13 May 2020

The "Celeste Bianchi Code"

When it comes to Celeste Bianchi it becomes difficult to center the problem. Yes because unlike the “Red Ferrari” there are no codes, there is no […]
4 May 2020

Frejus 1910

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19 April 2020

The Ray.tura

THE RAY. TURA The term beam is the number of intersections that make a radius before reaching the circle. Since the choice of one type of […]
19 May 2019

Official historical Registry

Firmato un accordo tra Federciclismo e R.S.C. (Registro Storico Cicli ASD) per registrare, catalogare e promuovere bici certificate e riconosciute come mezzi di rilevanza storica nel […]
10 March 2019

Catalogo Milano 1910

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20 February 2019

Fiorelli anni 50

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20 February 2019

Legnano 1972 with wolsit and Frejus

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20 February 2019

Pogliaghi anni 80

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